Wireless Internet in Enfield

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. The wide use of notebook and other portable computers has driven advances in wireless networks. The most common use for a wireless network is to connect a single notebook computer to a broadband internet connection. Wireless networks use either infrared or radio-frequency transmissions to link these mobile computers to networks. Wifi networks use radio technologies called IEEE 802.11(a, b or g) to provide a secure, fast, and reliable wireless connection.

WiFi functions through a transmitting antenna, which is usually linked to a DSL or high-speed land-based Internet connection and uses radio waves to beam signals. Another antenna, which is in the laptop or PC, catches the signal. The signal, usually l, has a range of about 300 feet for most home connections. The farther the user is from the signal, the slower the connection speed. Wireless LANS have capacity speeds from less than 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps. Wi-Fi can easily be expanded in the home or business with the simple step of plugging in a card or a USB connection to the new computer or other Wi-Fi certified product. No cords or cables, or wires are necessary.

Wireless Internet Hot Spots
 WiFi Location Address
All Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
Central Library 104 Middle Road
Enfield Fire Department #1 200 Phoenix Avenue
Enfield Fire Department #2
199 Weymouth Road
Enfield Police Department
293 Elm Street
Emergency Medical Services 1296 Enfield Street
Hazardville Fire Department 385 Hazard Avenue
Highway Garage 40 Moody Road
Pearl Street Library 159 Pearl Street
Senior Center 299 Elm Street
Shaker Pines Fire Department 37 Bacon Road
Thompsonville Fire Department 11 Pearl Street
Town Hall 820 Enfield Street
Village Community Center 100 High Street
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