The Town of Enfield provides wireless Internet access as a public service free of charge (hereinafter "wireless access") subject to the terms and conditions of use as follows:
  • Wireless access is provided to the public as a service free of charge on an "as is" basis with neither guarantee nor warranty
  • Information passing through the Town of Enfield’s wireless access is not secured and could be monitored, captured, or altered by others. While care is exercised to protect its systems and servers from unauthorized access, the Town may be vulnerable to temporary breaches of security
  • It is the participant's sole responsibility to protect his/her information from all risks associated with using the Internet, including any damage, loss, or theft that may occur as a result of using wireless access
  • The Town of Enfield staff is unable to provide technical assistance and assumes no responsibility for laptop configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the Town's wireless network
  • The Town of Enfield assumes no responsibility for the safety of personal equipment; users must keep their equipment with them at all times and may only use public accessible electrical outlets
  • In using wireless access, the participant agrees and hereby releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless, the Town of Enfield and its public officials, employees and vendors from any damage that may result from the use of this wireless access
  • While using wireless access, the participant acknowledges that he/she is subject to, and agrees to abide by, all federal, state and local laws applicable to Internet use
  • Printing is not available via wireless access
  • Email access is allowed using web clients or POP3 protocol only
  • The Town of Enfield may collect non-personal information from participants for statistical analysis, site assessment, server performance, troubleshooting and other management purposes. There is no inherent link to personally identifiable information in computer communications, unless you have provided that information in the content of your transaction
Examples of non-personal information include:
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address (like an Internet "phone number") of your computer
  • Type and version of browser and operating system your computer uses
  • The Town of Enfield assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its computers and network facilities
  • The Town of Enfield and its staff are not liable for any damage to personal equipment and files resulting from use of wireless access
  • The Town of Enfield does not control information on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for content or availability of information. The Town of Enfield does not vouch for the accuracy of information or endorse the various viewpoints accessed through the Internet
  • It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor and supervise their children's access to the Internet and its resources. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read Netsmartz as a potential source of information
  • Destruction of Town of Enfield materials or equipment is prohibited. Any alteration of existing hardware or software configurations or damage to Town of Enfield equipment or software is strictly prohibited