Homeowner's Tax Relief & Renters Rebate

These programs entitle elderly and disabled residents to a property tax reduction or a rent rebate, depending on whether they are homeowners or renters. An applicant must meet certain qualifications, the following is an overview:

  • Applicants must be 65 or older, or 18 and over and deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration by December 31st of the previous year, or be at least 50 and a surviving spouse of someone who at the time of death was eligible for the program.
  • They must occupy the property as his or her home and must have lived in Connecticut for at least 1 year prior to applying.
  • Their annual income limit for the program is $41,600 for a married couple or $34,100 for a single person. The income guidelines are subject to change with annual inflation rates. There is no asset limit although distributions received from assets count towards the annual income limit (ex. Individual Retirement Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Railroad Retirement).

The above criteria are meant only as basic guidelines, for more comprehensive information please see the OPM Question and Answer Booklet.

The filing period for Homeowners is February 1st through May 15th. For renters the filing period is April 1st through September 15th. Any eligible individual who would like to apply must supply proof of all the previous year's income including an income tax return if they filed 1 for the year.

Enfield residents can call Enfield Neighborhood Services at 860-253-6396 to get more information or to make an appointment.