Building Inspection

Please excuse any inconveniences as we work through these difficult times together. We are still functioning and trying to keep you and our staff healthy to assist our customers and citizens but there may be some bumps in the road. We handle most of our permits online through:  And you can get there though our webpage as well. You can always call or email and we will respond as soon as we can. We are staggering office shifts and share some ability to work remotely. We are still performing inspections, but ask you to delay any unnecessary inspections until this blows over. For occupied buildings we are only doing remote video inspections. Facetime seems to work best, but we are using Zoom for non-Apple users. Both of them will require you (or your contractor) to have a smartphone and possibly some other equipment to properly perform these remote inspections. Please assist us in keeping everyone safe.

For unoccupied structures (i.e. new construction, additions, vacant homes), if there has been no one in the building for 3 days and there are no valuables on the premises, we will enter unescorted to perform our required inspections.

Additional Information for Customers

This is just an image of a hard hat and various construction related items