Freshwater Pond Restoration Project

Cleaning Up the Pond

In 1999 the Town of Enfield, through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program embarked on a mission to clean up the Freshwater Pond.

After years of neglect, the pond had become filled with invasive plant life, trash and debris, and silt from upstream. Public officials stated that the pond had become a blight to the area and could no longer support wildlife.

Due to the environmental sensitivity of the area, extensive planning and permitting processes were required which delayed the start of the project for 4 years. In 2003, the project was awarded to LaValley Excavating Inc of Palmer, MA.


After several setbacks due to weather conditions, the project was finally completed in the fall of 2004. The Freshwater pond project is the centerpiece of the Thompsonville revitalization plan and has already spawned several other redevelopment projects in the immediate area.

The Town hopes to continue pond restoration work on the southern bank of Freshwater Pond in the future. For now, the new facilities and improvements provide an opportunity for residents to utilize the pond for fishing in the summer, skating in the winter, or just to sit and observe its natural beauty in any season.

The Town of Enfield has many ideas for the future of Freshwater Pond. As the Thompsonville Transit Center comes underway, Freshwater Pond offers many possibilities as an attraction to population that will be in and out of Thompsonville. In February 2009, the Town was awarded $98,000 from HUD for streetscape improvements along North Main Street consistent with the Freshwater Pond Park Master Plan.

Repair to the pedestrian pathway, improved lighting, installation of benches and trash receptacles, and enhancement of the overall natural landscape. The completed project should encourage the "livable, walkable village center" from route 5 to the riverfront, and will greatly compliment future Transit Oriented Development. Please read the Freshwater's Future Concepts (PDF) to see more anticipated ideas for the future of the Freshwater Pond.

For more information about the Freshwater Pond Restoration Project please contact the Office of Community Development at 860-253-6390.