Economic & Community Development

Unless otherwise noted on this page, the Enfield Office of Community Development will continue to be available to discuss any of our community development programs or projects that you may have inquiries on as our country continues to face and deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Please feel free to contact Nelson Tereso, the Deputy Director of Economic and Community Development, at (860) 253-6391 or at if you have any questions.

Federal Assistance for Connecticut Businesses and Nonprofits

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Help for Businesses and Residents - LINK to Federal Paycheck Protection Program Included

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Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist

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Special Coronavirus Edition #4: Former SBA Chief Gives Great Advice

Special Coronavirus Edition #4



Sales and Use Tax

Has DRS extended the filing and payment deadlines for sales tax returns? (added 3/30/2020)

Yes, within the parameters outlined below.

What small business taxpayers qualify for this relief? 
(added 3/30/2020)

Taxpayers that have $150,000 or less in annual Sales Tax liability qualify for an automatic extension of time to file and pay. Similarly, taxpayers that have $150,000 or less in annual Room Occupancy Tax also qualify for this relief. A taxpayer that collects both Sales Tax and Room Occupancy Tax must evaluate each tax separately to determine eligibility for relief.

How does a taxpayer determine if it is a qualified small business? 
(added 3/30/2020)

Taxpayers are required to utilize a calendar year look back period of January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019. Any taxpayer that reported $150,000 or less in tax during that period qualifies for the relief.

What returns are covered by this extension? (added 3/30/2020)

For monthly Sales Tax and Room Occupancy Tax filers: returns and payments due March 31, 2020, and April 30, 2020, are extended to May 31, 2020.

For quarterly Sales Tax and Room Occupancy Tax filers: returns and payments due April 30, 2020, are extended to May, 31, 2020.


New DECD $25M Program for Small Businesses

The State is offering relief to small businesses through a new DECD program called the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program, a $25 million short-term emergency loan program.  Qualifying small businesses and nonprofits with 100 or fewer employees can apply for a loan of up to $75,000 or three months of operating expenses (whichever is less).  The loan program will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligibility Requirements                                                                                                         To be considered for this program, a business or nonprofit must:  

  • Have no more than 100 employees
  • Be in good standing with the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) and DECD
  • Have been profitable prior to March 10, 2020- with no adverse personal credit reports 60 days past due the past six months
  • Not be involved in real estate, multi-level marketing, adult entertainment, cannabis or firearms; nor be a state elected public official or state employee          

For more information on the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program and how to apply, please click here:                                                                            You can also find this information on the CMSC website:

If you have questions, DECD has set up a specific number and email for COVID questions: or call the DECD small business hotline at 860-500-2333.             


Enfield is at the center of the Hartford-Springfield interstate region which is an integrated economic area that straddles the Massachusetts-Connecticut border. More than 1.7 million residents live in the 111 municipalities that compose this 2,293 square mile region along the Connecticut River.

This region is also commonly referred to as "New England’s Knowledge Corridor" due to its concentration of 29 colleges and universities, whose combined total enrollment exceeds 120,000 students.

  • 30,000 people per day crossed the MA/CT border commuting to work.
  • Interstate highways going east to west and north to south provide easy access to New York City and Boston.
  • Bradley International Airport is principal sources of commercial passenger           service with 10 major and five regional airlines. Bradley is important air freight         center for the region.

It takes all of us to make economic development successful on the local level.  Our Economic Development Strategy is to retain, grow and attract businesses all while maintaining the character of the community.  Together, we are concentrating on building a stronger business community and providing information that connect and inform our businesses to help us all build a stronger tomorrow. 

Economic & Community Development is also responsible for administering funds from the state’s Small Cities Block Grant program and other related programs. The Town of Enfield is currently offering Housing Rehabilitation Loan and First Time Homebuyer Programs that provides loans or grants to eligible applicants who are looking to own and maintain ownership in town. 


The above picture was taken at the LEGO Systems, Inc Enfield location on Taylor Road which is one of the Town's largest employers.