Knowledge Corridor

A Strategic Location

Enfield is at the center of the Hartford-Springfield interstate region which is an integrated economic area that straddles the Massachusetts-Connecticut border. More than 1.7 million residents live in the 111 municipalities that compose this 2,293 square mile region along the Connecticut River.

Knowledge Corridor

This region is also commonly referred to as "New England’s Knowledge Corridor" due to its concentration of 29 colleges and universities, whose combined total enrollment exceeds 120,000 students.

  • 30,000 people per day crossed the MA/CT border commuting to work.
  • Interstate highways going east to west and north to south provide easy access to New York City and Boston.
  • Bradley International Airport is principal sources of commercial passenger service with 10 major and five regional airlines. Bradley is important air freight center for the region.

Knowledge Corridor Overview

  • Population - 1,726,561
  • Labor Force - 782,568
  • Total Employment - 979,139
  • Businesses - 39,769
  • Colleges - 29
  • College Students - 108,412
Knowledge Corridor