Current ROADS 2015 Construction Projects

Updated - Monday, November 20, 2017

  1. Bridge Lane
  2. Enfield North
  3. Fletcher - Still
  4. Green Manor North
  5. Mullen Road
  6. Parsons Road
  7. Pavement Preservation Year Three
  8. Pavement Preservation Year Four
  9. Pine Grove - Tanglewood
  10. Steele Southeast
  11. Thompsonville Northeast
  12. Thompsonville Southeast
  13. Thompsonville Southwest

Bridge Lane
Contact: Donald Nunes - ROADS Engineer

Street: Bridge Lane - Full-depth reconstruction

Designer: Weston & Sampson Engineers
Inspector: TBD
Contractor: TBD

Project Update

Bridge Lane Reconstruction Project consists of complete full-depth reconstruction of Bridge Lane from Enfield Street (Route 5) to the train tracks.  

The designer has completed the second of three design submissions and the Engineering Office is anticipating a Spring 2018 construction.  The design includes complete sewer main and lateral replacements which may impact the timeline for construction.

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