2013 - 2015 Town Council Strategic Goals

The list below represents the five high-level priorities of the 2013-2015 Town Council.  To see the objectives the Council wishes to pay particular attention to within these five priority areas, click on the title of the corresponding priority.
  1. Economic Development

    Development of programs, services, incentives, events, and processes that maximize business retention, attraction, and development; activity that compliments residential and business interaction; and promotion of investment into the community.

  2. Education

    One of Enfields main goals is to provide the highest quality education services to students, the tools and environment necessary to provide such services to teachers and administrators, and to encourage all stakeholders to succeed, be involved, and be informed.

  3. Infrastructure & Facilities

    The Town of Enfield is committed to providing a working environment for employees that allows for maximum work performance and efficiency that is also welcoming and attractive to residents and other users.

  4. Public Safety

    It is a goal of the Town of Enfield to create an atmosphere of residential and commercial safety, comfort, and mobility throughout the Town. To foster an environment of professionalism and achievement within the Department. To provide the ability to enforce laws in a timely and effective manner.

  5. Quality of Life

    Another goal of the Town of Enfield is to create an environment throughout the Town of Enfield that enhances the mobility and recreational opportunities of residents, the attraction of customers to businesses, and a community feel that attracts homeowners and long-term renters.