Economic Development

Support & Develop Transit Center
Creation of a multi-access, multi-transit supporting facility in Downtown Thompsonville.
Promote Small Business
Create a business-friendly culture that attracts new businesses and supports and sustains current businesses throughout town.
  • Streamline Planning and Building Processes
  • Explore Economic Incentives for New and Existing Businesses
  • Engagement of business to explore options
Support Thompsonville Revitalization
Understand and support the activities, plans, and events that promote the revitalization of Downtown Thompsonville.
  • Engaging Community for Support
  • Provide necessary funding when appropriate
  • Housing incentives
  • Vacant property inventory
  • Support for and approval of zoning changes
  • Explore zoning tax incentives
Completion of Economic Analysis / Impact of Casino
Completion of a professional economic impact study on the development and building of a casino across the state line in Springfield, MA.
Select & Work with Preferred Developer in Thompsonville
Selection of and partnering with a single developer or several developers that share the Town's vision and plan for the development of Downtown Thompsonville.
  • Completion and prioritization of vacant / available property inventory