Committee Members

The EHS Building Committee consists of 10 members.

Committee members include:

  • Randy Daigle (Chairperson)
  • Wendy Osada (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Lynn Scull (Secretary)
  • Virginia Austin
  • Doug Maxellon
  • Joe Muller
  • Jim Nasuta
  • Greg Strich
  • Gina Sullivan
  • Laura Vella

There are several other key partners involved in the project work.

  • George Rypysc is the Project Coordinator Consultant
  • The Architecture Firm, Silver / Petrucelli and Associates
  • Construction Manager at Risk, The Gilbane Building Company

The Town Council and Board of Education have each assigned members to act as liaisons between the Building Committee and their respective boards. These representatives share information between the groups and facilitate resolution when needed.

  • Town Council Representatives: Donna Szewczak and Gina Cekala
  • Board of Education Representatives: Timothy Neville and Walter Kruzel