Enfield's Most Wanted

Pictured below are some of the most wanted criminals in Enfield. If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals and would like to submit a tip, please call 860-763-8930 or click on the name of the specific person to send the information electronically. All tips may be made anonymously.

Access the state database for rearrest warrants.


Wormsted Roche, Kayla M

DOB 15-JUN-94

Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Campbell, Christine L

DOB 28-DEC-76

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Audet, Tony E

DOB 26-AUG-76

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Degen, Dana M

DOB 16-AUG-79 

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Frechette, Leanora M

DOB 7-OCT-90

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Milotte, Steven J  

DOB 10-APR-87

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Santo Christo, Christopher T

DOB 26-OCT-87

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Riley, John J

DOB 31-DEC-63

Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Shawn Behmke

Behmke, Shawn J

DOB 26-SEP-83

Wanted on Multiple Warrants


Virtue, Paul E

DOB 02-FEB-63

Wanted for Violation of Probation

Eridanes Perez-Molina
Michelle Conklin-Chadwick

Perez-Molina, Eridanes

DOB 2-JUL-78

Wanted for Identity Theft

Conklin-Chadwick, Michelle G

DOB 4-NOV-81

Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Gerald Jessop

Jessop, Gerald M

DOB 5-SEP-67

Wanted for Sexual Assault

Marianna Szabo

Szabo, Marianna

DOB 24-JUL-54

Wanted for Arson

If you wish to submit to submit an anonymous tip about other police related issues, please submit it online.