Programs and Services

  1. Youth Council

    Youth Council

    The Enfield Youth Council are young leaders who use research, peer discussion, and community interaction to provide a youth perspective on a wide variety of community and youth related issues. Members participate in town governance, community service and leadership opportunities.

  2. Juvenile Review Board

    Juvenile Review Board

    The Enfield Juvenile Review Board was created as a diversionary program for youth as an alternative to Juvenile Court with the belief and understanding youth were better served in their community. The JRB continues to divert more than 100 youth annually from Juvenile Court.

  3. Counseling


    Currently Youth Services offers counseling and case management services to youth and families referred by the Enfield Juvenile Review Board, Cooperative Educational Program, and Early Intervention Team.

  1. Early Intervention Team

    Early Intervention Team

    The EIT hopes to connect children and families to services that will assist children in being successful and happy at home, at school, and in the community.

  2. Youth Services Advisory Board

    Youth Services Advisory Board

    Are you interested in improving, recommending, and monitoring Youth Services Programs in Enfield? Please join the Enfield Youth Services Advisory Board.