Pre-Referendum High School

Consolidation Committee


Thursday, March 22, 2012

7:00 PM – Enfield High School, Library




1.  Call to Order


2.  Roll Call


3.  Welcome the new committee members.


4. Review and Approval of meeting minutes dated 3-8-12 (tabled last week) and



5.  Old Business

a)    Progress on “If We Do Nothing”.

b)   Discussions on what committee member will provide additional information to what question.

c)    Discussions on what are some of the NEW courses we will be able to provide including sports and existing scheduling problems.

d)   Magnet schools figures and numbers.

e)    Discussions on “Open To The Public” meeting.

f)     Have the Town Council establish a different Committee for the possible uses of the Fermi Building.

g)   Progress with “Pre-Referendum” Web Site through the town.

h)   Discussion on “Special Progress Report” that was to be submitted to NEAS&C by Nov. 1, 2007.


7.  New Business

a)    Architects Report.

b)   Does the Architect need anything from any user groups?

c)    Does the Architect need anything from the committee?

d)   User Group Comments. (if got together between our meeting dates)

e)    Liaisons Comments. (if got together between our meeting dates)

                                                 i.    Board of Education

                                               ii.    Town Council

f)     Open for New Topic’s of Discussion.


8.  Committee Member Comments

a)  General Comments

b)  Good to the Order

i.  Any good or happy personal news any member would like to    

    share with the group.

9.  Adjournment