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Adult Day Center

  1. Adult Day Center Application

    Adult Day Center Application

  1. Physicians admission report

    Needed for admission

Building & Grounds Maintenance

  1. Sign Board Permit - Route 5 & Elm Street

    Sign Board Permit - Route 5 & Elm Street


  1. Dial-A-Ride Membership Registration

    A Dial-A-Ride Membership card is required and is renewed annually on January 1. The cost is $80. Please make check or money order... More…

Enfield Beautification Committee

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Agreement

    The Enfield Beautification Committee thanks you for your participation in the Adopt-A-Spot Program.

  2. Adopt-A-Spot Checklist

    Adopt-A-Spot Checklist

  1. Adopt-A-Spot Application

    Adopt-A-Spot Application

Police Department

  1. Community Survey

    We strive to maintain social order within the Town of Enfield, governed by constraints of ethical and constitutional requirements; and... More…

  1. Security Camera Registration Form

    Please use this form to register your home and business video surveillance camera to assist us in our potential investigations.

Public Works

  1. Report Mailbox Damage Form

    Report Mailbox Damage Form

Social Services Forms

  1. Application Form for Fiscal Year 2020 Funding Application

    Please fill out to be considered for Town Funding.

  1. Enfield Cares Enrollment Form

    Enfield Cares: Community Access to Resources and Emergency Services

Town Council

  1. Application for Vacancy on Boards, Agencies & Commissions

    Thank your for your interest in the Town of Enfield and taking the time to fill out this application.

  1. Mayor's Spotlight Nomination

    Recognizing the excellence of businesses and residents who through creativity, innovations, and Good Samaritanism contribute... More…

WPC Forms

  1. Deduct Meter Read Form

    Thank you for your reading

  2. Meter Registration Instructions for Residential Well Users

    Thank you for your registration

  1. Deduct Meter Registration Form

    Thank you for your registration

  2. Well Meter Read Form

    Thank you for your reading