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Welcome to “The Potting Shed” a place for gardeners to share information and ideas from other gardeners; those that can make anything grow and those of us who only dream and try. Marie McConnell, Enfield Garden Club

February: Flower or chocolate for your Valentine? A recent study by Rutgers University has determined that the choice should be flowers. The study confirms that those who receive flowers smiled significantly more than those who received a gift of candy. Of those retirees polled, those who received bouquets were less likely to suffer depression than those who did not. Maybe it’s just not an apple a day that is good for us but a flower a week that is the cure for winter blues.

For those that miss gardening outside during the winter houseplants move front and center. Most of us kill them off by spring but they are a nice addition to a room after the Christmas plants have finished blooming. African violets lead the list of favorite houseplants. The east window is the best light source in both winter and summer. The morning sun offers the best winter light and the coolest in the summer. African violets don’t like water on their leaves so they should be watered from the bottom. Some pots will have wicks, small cords, in the bottom of the pot for easy watering but just placing the plant in a saucer of water for short periods of time will take care of the watering chores. A little fertilizer made for African Violets will encourage non-stop blooming for several weeks at a time.

Warm and sunny weather in January has encouraged spring bulbs to start popping up and with many more weeks of snow and cold ahead it is a worrisome situation. No need to worry. Spring bulbs start growing as soon as they are planted and with a few mild days will pop above ground, especially in south-facing protected locations. Cold and freezing temperatures have no effect on the young shoots and your bulbs will be blooming at the proper time this spring.

The next time you visit the Enfield Library be sure to check out the display case in the Main Lobby. The Enfield Garden Club is exhibiting photos and the awards that the club has been presented for projects at several Enfield locations.

The Potting Shed is brought to you by the Enfield Garden Club. The club meets on the 4th Wednesday evening of the month at the Enfield Senior Center. New members are always welcome. For information about the club and its activities contact club president Mary Vosburgh at 860-698-9278.

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