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Below is Town of Enfield Ordinances with regards to Parking Bans and the Removal of Snow and Ice from Sidewalks.


*State law references: Highways and sidewalks, G.S. § 7-148(c)(6)(C).

Sec. 74-101. Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

Occupant means the tenant, lessee or any other person or entity in possession and control of any privately owned premises.
Owner means the person, estate, corporation or any other legal entity that owns the premises. This includes all owners regardless of number or interest.
Premises means any tract, parcel, lot or other subdivision of land, within the town with or without buildings thereon, that adjoins or fronts on any sidewalk within the town or borders or adjoins any street, square or public place within the town where there is a sidewalk.
Sidewalk means any paved, graded, planked or raised, or in any other way improved, municipally-owned off-road walkway intended for public use.

(Code 1967, § 9-10)

Sec. 74-102. Duty to remove snow and ice; throwing snow and ice into street.

  1. It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of any premises within the town where there is a sidewalk, to remove or cause to be removed from the entire width of such sidewalk any and all snow and ice within the following time limits:
    1. In the case of snow 24 hours from the time the snow has ceased as declared by the Director of Public Works or his designee.
    2. In the case of ice 24 hours from the time conditions which have caused the sidewalk to have ice upon it or to be covered with ice, have stopped or ceased to exist.
  2. In any case or situation where the removal of ice is impossible or extremely difficult the owner or occupant shall cause such sidewalk to be made safe for public travel by covering the same with sand or some other suitable substance.

    (Code 1967, § 9-11)

  3. All snow and ice accumulating in the street higher than a point 4 (four) inches below the bottom of the lowest outlet on any fire hydrant, and within a radius of three (3) feet from the center of such hydrant, shall be removed by the occupant or owner of the premises fronting on that portion of the street within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow event has ceased as declared by the Director of Public Works or his designee.
  4. No owner or occupant shall throw or put, or cause to be thrown or put, any snow or ice into or onto the traveled portion of any public street or highway under the jurisdiction of the town.

 Sec. 74-103. Violation and penalty.

  1. Whenever any owner or occupant of premises, as herein defined, whose duty it is to remove snow and ice or to otherwise make sidewalks safe for public travel, as herein provided, shall fail, refuse or neglect to comply with the same or shall otherwise violate any provision of this article shall be issued a citation and fined $75.00 (seventy five dollars) for each offense. The citation must be paid upon receipt.
  2. Each and every day of refusal or neglect to comply with such provisions shall be deemed a separate offense.
  3. Any owner or occupant issued a citation pursuant to this article shall be entitled to a hearing pursuant to the provisions of C.G.S. §7-152c as revised.
  4. The town manager shall appoint a hearing officer(s) pursuant to C.G.S. §7-152c as revised. The hearing officer(s) will conduct the hearing as provided for in C.G.S. §7-152c as revised.

(Code 1967, § 9-12)

Sec. 74-104. Action by town upon violations.

  1. Pursuant to C.G.S. § 7-148(c)(6)(C)(v), in the event any owner or occupant of premises as defined herein shall fail, neglect or refuse to remove snow or ice from any sidewalk or to make any sidewalk safe for public travel or otherwise fails, neglects or refuses to comply with the provisions of this article the Director of Public Works or his designee upon such failure, neglect or refusal may remove any snow or ice from such sidewalk or otherwise make it safe for public travel.
  2. The expenses of such removal or other necessary action shall be a lien upon the premises concerned provided the town council shall cause a certificate of lien to be recorded in the office of the town clerk within 30 (thirty) days from such removal or other necessary action.

    (Code 1967, § 9-13) 

Sec. 82-63. Parking during storms.

  1. No motor vehicle shall be parked on a public street or highway in the town during a snow or ice storm that has an accumulation of three inches or more, unless otherwise posted.
  2. Any person found in violation of this section, in addition to the remedies hereinafter provided in sections 82-65 and 82-66, shall pay a fine as provided in section 82-41.

    (Code 1967, § 6-53)

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