Bruin Officer Dufresne


Bruin is a 19 month old (as of February 2013) male German Shepherd. Bruin was imported from Holland ( a region in the western part of the Netherlands) in August 2012 by North American K-9 Services in Middletown, Ct. Bruin was then assigned to Officer Dufresne within 2 weeks of him coming to the United States. Bruin and Officer Dufresne recently completed the CT State Police K-9 Academy which began in Oct 2012. The K-9 academy training consisted of 15 weeks of intense training for both Bruin and Officer Dufresne. Bruin is currently trained in tracking, area searches, building searches, evidence recovery, and handler protection. Once Bruin completes a year of patrol work following the academy, he will be eligible for narcotic detection training. 

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