Communications Vehicle

History of CP-4

The Town of Enfield has a Mobile Communications Vehicle, designated CP-4.  CP-4 was purchased through a grant in 2003 from the US Drug Enforcement Agency, who used the truck as a mobile testing facility, used at major drug investigations.  It is a 1994 Isuzu Box Truck.  The main purpose of this vehicle is for communications inter-operability.  Immediately following 911, when all the Police, Fire, EMS, & Transportation Authority personnel were responding to the scenes to help, they couldn’t talk to each other.  It was at this point that “inter-operability” became the big buzz word in all aspects of Public Safety.  Shortly after this time, CP-4 was born.

It is equipped with 10 public safety radios in VHF, UHF, & 800 MHz, as well as a Ham radio.  It is also equipped with 2 NCS250 There are two Dell laptops which has the Public Safety Dispatch Computer Aided Dispatch system, access to the Federal & State criminal files, Dept of Correction and Motor Vehicle files.  It also carries 8 portable UHF radios that are programmed with Federal/State interoperability frequencies, that can be borrowed by personnel that show up to assist at incidents when their departmental radios don’t have the necessary frequencies to communicate at the scene.  All the radios, with the exception of the Ham radio, were also purchased on a grant through the Capitol Region Council of Governments.  The truck is also equipped with a state of the art telephone system.  This system is designed to not only hook up and have connection with other CRCOG Communications vehicles so they can talk between themselves, but also has the ability to be able to plug into any business or residential phone system to be able to call anywhere.

All the cabinet and counter work was performed by the Town of Enfield Building & Grounds division.  The truck is equipped with a bathroom and an equipment room, which holds all the radios, telephone system, & other necessary remote equipment.

This vehicle is a great asset not only to the Town of Enfield, but all its neighboring towns and the region.