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Winter Emergency Preparedness Reminder

The recent weather emergencies around the country are a stark reminder that every Town resident needs to understand what to do if an emergency occurs. While there are many potential emergency situations that can impact Enfield, the most common are winter storms, power outages and flooding. As the winter storm season approaches, your safety will depend on being alert, being prepared, knowing what to do and keeping up-to-date on information during an emergency.

In the event of a town-wide emergency, police, fire, and emergency medical personnel will be available to assist residents. Additionally, public health, social services, public works, transit services, school and emergency volunteers will be mobilized as needed.  All residents will be advised as to the nature of the emergency and the steps necessary to ensure your safety. Emergency information will be broadcast on the radio, on TV, and on the Town website. You can also sign up to receive alerts on your cell phone at CT’s Staying Informed webpage or Enfield’s Emergency Alert System.

If an evacuation is ordered, you will be advised where to go and what to bring. Most often, sheltering in place at home or at work will be the safest option. Most people prefer to go to a friend’s or relative’s house rather than going to an emergency shelter. Information on how to prepare at home for an emergency is available on the Social Services and Town’s Emergency Management websites and through the State Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. The Connecticut Red Cross is another good source of information.

Make sure you’re prepared. Start with creating your own plan and assembling a disaster supply kit. Emergency planning should address all members of the family, including pets. For more information on emergency preparedness for pets, visit the Connecticut Humane Society.

When disasters strike, the Town responds through its Office of Emergency Management. The OEM has taken steps to mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from emergencies. For more information, visit OEM.