Blight Review Committee

The Blight Review Committee (BRC) is hereby established to:

1. Review property owners’ requests to reduce or waive unpaid accrued fines;
​2. Decide the appropriate enforcement action(s) regarding collection of unpaid fines and remediation of violations;
​3. Reduce or waive fines and make recommendations to the Town Council regarding judicial enforcement actions.

Duties of the Committee: 
​1. Develop a procedure, including preliminary staff comments, for reviewing requests for waivers or reductions of fines;
​2. Establish objective criteria for granting waivers or reductions, including, but not necessarily limited to: age of the property owner;      health and/or disability related issues; economic limitations; proposals for sale; or compliance status of the property;
​3. After consultation with the Town Council, establish a maximum amount of waiver or reduction that BRC is authorized to approve;      and,
​4. Review enforcement options and determine remediation actions; including, but not necessarily limited to, use of the clean & lien      program, referrals to the State’s Attorney for Housing Matters, recommendations to the Town Council as to the filing of a civil suit      or foreclosure action. 

5.  Please see the Blight Review Committee Submission Form for information on fine reduction.  Please email the completed form to or mail to 820 Enfield Street, Enfield CT 06082 Attn: Town Manager's Office.

​Five members appointed by the Town Council: three of whom shall be residents of the Town of Enfield and, two of whom shall be Enfield Town Councilors, one Democrat and one Republican.

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