Transit Oriented Development

The Thompsonville section of The Town of Enfield, CT has been selected as a stop on the upcoming New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Commuter Rail. This area of Enfield is part of the Town's Historic District, with many small businesses and room to grow. The rail will connect a number of towns and cities along the route running between Springfield through Hartford and to New Haven, throughout the day. Thompsonville is projecting a steady influx of riders wanting to stop and visit historic Thompsonville, boosting the sections business as well as foot traffic. The T-Ville Transit Center will also operate as a bus terminal for the area.

The Town of Enfield and the State of Connecticut are working together to bring their residents the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Commuter Rail. This commuter rail will connect towns and cities along the Connecticut River from New Haven through Hartford to Springfield. The commuter rail will alleviate traffic in the rush hours, and allow residents and visitors to easily travel this route for business or pleasure. For more information, and to get news updates, please visit the NHHS Commuter Rail website.

The CT Department of Transportation will be overseeing and funding the NHHS Commuter Rail. To see news and updates please visit the CT DOT website.

The Federal Transit Authority will be providing funding to the Town of Enfield to support the development of the T-Ville Transit Center. For information and updates, please visit the Federal Transit Authority website.

The Greater Hartford Transit District is consultant to the Town of Enfield, and will be overseeing the town's development of the Transit Center. For news and updates, please visit the Greater Hartford Transit Authority website.

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