Tax Incentives

Tax Abatement  

The Town of Enfield is committed to the promotion of economic and commercial development and an ongoing improvement in the quality of life of Enfield residents. These objectives are enhanced by the expansion of the local economy. The Town may therefore consider, in accordance with the provisions of Conn. Gen. Stat. §§12-65b, providing tax assessment abatements to real property when it is deemed to be beneficial to the growth and prosperity of the Town. Please refer to our Tax Abatement Guidelines below.

Tax Abatement Guidelines

Tax Deferral Program  

Introduction: When owners invest money in the rehabilitation of their property, it can be subject to higher values and therefore higher property taxes. The Town Council wishes to encourage such property improvements and has acted to defer the increase in property assessments that result in higher taxes.

What Properties are Eligible: The property must be located in a Business Local (BL) District or Hazardville Village (HV) District and Census 4806. Also, the structure to be rehabilitated can be a residential property that is at least 25 years old or a non-residential property that is at least 30 years old.

Conditions: All necessary building, zoning, wetland and other permits must be obtained prior to applying for a deferment. The proposed rehabilitation or improvements must increase the value on the real property by a minimum of ten (10%) percent for a residential property and fifteen (15%) percent for non-residential properties. 

  • All taxes due the Town of Enfield for the property shall be current.
  • All improvements must be completed within one (1) year of the application.

How do you Apply?: Please see the procedure document below for the steps to apply and the application that needs to be submitted to the Town Assessor.  

Tax Deferral Program - Procedure

Tax Deferral Program - Application

Tax Deferral Program - Council Resolution

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Community Development at 860-253-6391 or email Nelson Tereso, Deputy Director of Economic & Community Development at