These conditions listed may be violations of the Property Maintenance Ordinance. All these conditions must be clearly visible from a public place such as the street or sidewalk or from a neighboring property.

Blight means premises containing any one of the following conditions:

(1) It has been determined by the town building official, director of health, fire marshal, town engineer, zoning enforcement officer, or other appropriate official, as designated by the town manager, acting within the scope of their authority, that a condition exists that poses a serious or immediate threat to the health, safety or general welfare of the community.

(2) Missing or boarded doors or windows for a period of more than 90 days. Should boarded windows or doors be necessary for any additional period up to 180 days, a valid building permit is required.

(3) Collapsing or missing exterior walls, roofs, floors or foundations.

(4) Collapsing, substantially damaged or dilapidated exterior features which may include, but are not necessarily limited to, stairs, ramps, porches, handrails, railings, fences, hatchways, chimneys, metal smoke stacks, attic vents or floors.

(5) Exterior walls which contain holes, fractures, breaks, loose or rotting materials.

(6) Severely damaged, cracked, broken or missing siding, stucco, brick, stone or clapboards.

(7) Fifty percent of any one exterior wall containing mold.

(8) Fifty percent of any one exterior elevation or exterior wall with flaking, peeling, chipped or blistered paint on any one exterior elevation which is visible to the public; or having exterior paint which is chipped, blistered, flaking or peeling on more than one wall.

(9) Unrepaired fire, wind, or water damage.

(10) Rodent harborage and or infestation.

(11) Persistent garbage, refuse or trash.

(12) Parking lots in a state of disrepair or abandonment, evidenced by cracks, potholes, fractured asphalt and cement, overgrowth of vegetation within the surfaces, pavement or macadam, or medians and buffers.

(13) Shrubs, hedges, grass, and plants that have been left in an unkempt manner by covering or blocking 50 percent or more of the structure, its windows, doors or means of access;

(14) Dead, decayed, or damaged trees.

(15) Grass, weeds or similar growths reaching a height greater than 12 inches. Nor shall the owner of any undeveloped premises allow any grass, weeds, or similar growths thereon greater than 12 inches in height to remain within 25 feet of a street line or any adjoining property line of any premises with a building or dwelling location thereon whether said building or dwelling is occupied or not. Maintained gardens, including flowers and vegetables are excluded from this subsection.

(16) Graffiti or vandalism.

(17) The storage of an inoperable or unsightly motor vehicle.

(18) The storage of junk occupying a total cumulative area of 100 square feet.

(19) A tarp on a roof in excess of 90 days; any deteriorated or unsecured tarp.

(20) Unsanitary swimming pools which harbor insects, reptiles, amphibians, or other conditions posing a nuisance to neighboring properties.

A blight complaint may be reported by using the SeeClickFix feature on the town’s website or by contacting a Property Maintenance Inspector at 860-253-6258 or 860-253-6504. A Property Maintenance Inspector will check all reported conditions and determine if there is a violation of the Property Maintenance Ordinance. If so the property owner will be issued a Violation Notice.