Enfield Child Development Center


The Enfield Child Development Center provides a comfortable, positive, and family-supportive environment where children feel safe and secure. The program’s goal is to nurture and foster the children’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive and nutritional needs, as well as their educational needs. Each child’s diverse background and life experiences are recognized and appreciated.

Families can feel valued for their input and their dreams for their children. Staff are valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill, heart, knowledge, a commitment to families, and an ability to play. Children are given maximum opportunities to express themselves in a creative manner. Parents, as well as caregivers, benefit by aiding each other with information and resources to facilitate the healthy development of the child placed in our care. We cherish what we learn from each other.

Goals & Objectives

Our goals and objectives are:

  • To provide a secure place for children while parents are working or going to school.
  • To encourage children’s development of self-esteem and respect for others.
  • To facilitate optimum cognitive development.
  • To encourage friendships among children and to teach them valuable social skills.
  • To form a partnership with parents.
  • To identify, if needed, any early intervention needs and help parents coordinate services.
  • To participate in community events which promote family well-being.

Enfield Child Development Center Policies

Applications & Guidelines