How to Stay Informed in an Emergency

Emergency Information Outlets

All residents are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information from the Town of Enfield by the following means:

  • Residents with access to cable television are encouraged to tune into E-TV, channel 16 or 117.218 through Cox Cable, or channel 99, through AT&T U-Verse.
  • Residents with access to the internet, please visit this website for breaking news, or visit the Enfield Emergency Management Facebook page.
  • Residents on Twitter can follow both Emergency Management @EnfieldEmerMgmt and/or the Town Manager at @EnfieldTM for updated information.
  • Residents who have signed up for Everbridge notification, access permitting, please follow updates via your home phone, cell phone and/or your email account. Sign up for Enfield notifications.
  • Stay tuned to WACC 107.7 for additional news and updates.

Other Informational Links