911 Response

911 Ambulance Service

Enfield EMS is a 911-only ambulance service. Each year, we respond to about 7,500 calls for service. Most of these calls result in transports to an area hospital. Enfield EMS offers paramedic-level care. This allows us to provide numerous medications and therapies that are not available at the basic life support level. For the patient, this means more immediate relief of their emergency and a higher level of expertise managing their care. We bring the emergency department to the patient’s side.

To meet the demands of the system, Enfield EMS operates a fleet of 6 ambulances and 3 special response vehicles. On any given day, as many as 5 ambulances may be staffed to meet demand. During the evening, the number of calls we receive declines and our staffing declines with it. Between calls, our units are stationed at our Head Quarters Building at Enfield Street and South Road or they may wait at the Police Station or one of the fire stations.

Though we respond to nursing homes and doctor’s offices when emergencies occur there, Enfield EMS does not provide schedule or direct admit transport services. We are also not able to assist you with wheel-chair transport or with mobility issues you may have around the home.