Special Events

EMS on Town Green

Enfield EMS is able to provide a limited number of ambulances to support special events that occur in town, at the request of either the Police Department or at the request of the organizers. When a special event requires that an ambulance be dedicated for the duration of the event, the organizers must reimburse the cost of that event to the EMS Division. If an event does not require a dedicated unit, we may be able to meet that need without any cost to the organizers.

Special event coverage is usually a good idea when organizers expect a large number of people at a gathering. If your gathering will include high-risk activities, vulnerable or older people, or take place in extreme weather, it is a good idea speak with us about your event while in the planning stages.

If you are interested in requesting an ambulance to be on stand-by for your event, please complete the Stand-By Application (PDF) and contact us.