Justice of the Peace - How to Apply

An applicant for the office of Justice of the Peace must be:

  • A registered voter
  • If the applicant is affiliated with a party they should contact the Town Committee Chairman of that party and request to be nominated as a Justice of the Peace
    • If there are vacancies at that time, the appointment can be made immediately
    • If there is no vacancy in the town the applicant would have to wait for nominations, which occur every four years during the month of July, to be made by the local town committees
  • The current term for the Justice of the Peace expires January 6, 2025

Registered with a Party

The chairman of the applicant's party makes his nomination by forwarding a letter to the local Town Clerk advising the clerk of the appointment. The nominee has ten days to appear in the Town Clerk's office to receive the oath of office from the date of appointment. The signature cards, certificate of appointment, and manual are furnished by the Town Clerk.

Not Registered with a Major Party

If the applicant is not registered with a major party, they may apply to the Town Clerk in their town of residence for appointment. This sort of appointment takes place every four years when new nominations take place. Call your local Town Clerk for details on this sort of nomination. 


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