About Enfield

Welcome to the Town of Enfield, Connecticut, a suburb located in Hartford County, 18 miles north of Hartford, Connecticut and 8 miles south of Springfield, Massachusetts. Enfield was named and incorporated by the Colony of Massachusetts in 1683 and annexed to Connecticut in 1749. The town is 33.8 square miles with a current population of approximately 45,246.

Town Seal

Enfield 's Town Seal is in the shape of a shield, enclosed in a double circle with a compass like border. At the very top, the year the town was named and incorporated by the Colony of Massachusetts. The town name, Enfield, is inscribed in a scroll contained within the double circles and border, under the year. The shield is under the scroll, within the circles and border.

Piece by Piece

  • At the top of the shield is a 5 point crown, the trademark of Hallmark Cards Inc.
  • Directly below the crown, within the shield, is a pile of cannon balls with a keg of gunpowder on each side, representing the Hazard Powder Company, a manufacturer of gunpowder during the Civil War.
  • A 3 bladed propeller is on either side of the powder kegs symbolizing the Crestline Boat Company, a subsidiary of the Bigelow Sanford Company.
  • The Bigelow Sanford Company trademark, a weaver's knot tied by a pair of hands on a pedestal, represents the nation's largest carpet manufacturing company at the time.
  • A tobacco plant flanks each side of the trademark depicting the Tobacco Valley in which the town is located.
  • A star on each side of the shield, centered within the double circles and the border, stands for the Colony of Massachusetts and the Colony of Connecticut.
  • A bottom scroll is inscribed with the state name, Connecticut.