Enfield Beautification Committee

Enfield Clean Sweep

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Meet at 10:30 am

Clean Sweep is a community based volunteer effort to clear identified parts of town of trash and litter. Our volunteers simply spend a morning walking around town and collecting litter. They are rewarded with a great sense of civic pride and a more beautiful Enfield in which to live and work.

Last year, hundreds of your friends and neighbors participated in this effort to keep Enfield looking great! Why not join them this year. You can join as an individual or as a group/organization. We have had businesses, community groups, churches, and even youth organizations sign up in the past.

Anyone interested in helping out can show up at the Enfield Town Green on Saturday, September 18, at 10:30 am. We will provide work gloves and trash bags; you provide a willingness to help out.

For this year’s event, our group is actively seeking volunteers and sponsors. Interested parties can contact Darren Ketchale at (860) 205-5035 or via darrenk626@outlook.com with any questions.

All Enfield residents are encouraged to participate to help make their neighborhoods more enjoyable.


  • 2nd Tuesday of each month except January, July, and August @ 7 pm @ Enfield Public Works, 40 Moody Road (NOTE:  meetings cancelled until further notice due to COVID)

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared prior to each meeting, minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | All Agendas


  • Timothy J Norris - Chairman
  • Darren Ketchale - Vice Chairman
  • Alexis Nai - Recording Secretary
  • Joseph Muller - Town Council Liaison
  • Gina Cekala - Town Council Liaison
  • Ken Boulette - Town Staff Liaison
  • Todd Barsalou
  • Deborah Gaskell
  • Roberta Ladd
  • Megan Mosher
  • Jacob Nadeau
  • Christine Sarles
  • Carolyn Surdel

Contact Us:

Ken Boulette

Assistant Public Works Director

(860) 763-7524

Important Forms:

Committee History

The Beautification Committee was originally established by Resolution #3577, adopted at a regular meeting of the Town Council on November 13, 1978. The purpose of the committee was to protect or improve the physical appearance of the community. The original members of the committee were appointed by the Town Council to indefinite terms of office and the resolution further stated that future members would be appointed on a self-appointing basis from the membership. With the creation of the Keep America Beautiful Committee (Keep Enfield Beautiful Committee) in 1990, several members of the Beautification Committee were absorbed into this committee. Eventually, the Beautification was dissolved and the Keep Enfield Beautiful Committee (KEB) took on the responsibility of the beautification of Enfield.

KEB's main focus was the Adopt-A-Spot program. This committee became dormant during 1997 and requested that the Town Council find another group to take on the Adopt-A-Spot Program. By the adoption of Resolution #3341, on January 20, 1998, the Enfield Beautification Committee was re-established and the Keep Enfield Beautiful Committee was dissolved.


The newly established Beautification Committee will consist of 5 resident electors of the town, appointed by the Town Council, who have the interest and expertise to serve on this committee. They will serve as advisers to the Town Council and any other board, agency, or commission desiring their assistance in planning for the orderly growth and beautification of the community.


The committee shall be comprised of a liaison from each of the following:

  • 1 from the Department of Public Works
  • 1 from the Town Council

Term of office would be for 3 years. By the adoption of Resolution No. 4896 on November 13, 2000, the number of resident electors of the town was changed to 9. Also changed, the committee now has 2 Town Council Liaisons.

If you are interested in joining, click on the following link to view openings:

Enfield Beautification Committee Website

If there are openings, click on the following link to apply for a position:

Application for Vacancy on Agencies, Boards and Commissions (PDF) 

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 If you would like to properly dispose an old, tattered flag, there is a bin behind the American Legion, 566 Enfield Street.