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  • 4th Wednesday of every month

Public Instructions for Land Use Meetings

Public Instructions for Landuse Meetings

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Agendas are prepared prior to every meeting, minutes are available following approval.

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Master Packet

Master Packet 6/24/2020

HDC# 461 – 1133 Enfield Street - Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness for replacement windows; Jan and Krystyna Kiryluk owner/applicant; Map 020/Lot 0125; HR-33.

HDC# 461 - Staff Report

HDC# 461 - Application

HDC# 461 - Assessors Card

HDC# 461 - Window Specifications

HDC# 461 - Photo of Existing Replacement Windows

HDC# 461 - Window Brochure


The commission is comprised of 5 regular members, not less than 3 of these shall be residents within the historic district. In addition, the ordinance provides for the appointment of 3 alternate members. The term of office is for 5 years.


The Historic District Commission was established by ordinance adopted by the Enfield Town Council on July 17, 1972 and revised on June 6, 1983 (Section 4B-3 through 4B-14 of the Town Code). The powers and duties of the commission are as provided for in the CT General Statutes. In its deliberations, the commission shall not consider interior arrangement or use and shall take no action except for the purpose of preventing the erection, reconstruction, restoration, alteration or razing of buildings in the historic district obviously incongruous with the historic aspects of the district.