Town Council

The Town Council takes office on the 1st Monday following the election. All other elected officials, including the Board of Education, take office pursuant to State Statute.


Town Council Regular Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

2023 Town Council Meeting Schedule

Broadcasted Enfield Town Council Meetings

Enfield Town Council meeting are live-streamed and available on YouTube, and aired on Channel 16 on the following Wednesday at 5 p.m., and again the following Thursday at 9 a.m. Actual air times can be found in the Monday or Tuesday issue of the Journal Inquirer.

Council Agenda/Minutes and Videos may be found HERE

2021 - 2023  Town Council

Name Phone Number Address Email Address
Robert Cressotti 
Mayor and Councilor at Large
(860) 810-3910 1320 Enfield Street
Email Robert Cressotti

Gina Cekala  
Deputy Mayor and 
Councilor at Large
(860) 655-4529 2 Grand View Drive Email Gina Cekala
Douglas Finger 
Councilor at Large
(860) 805-0410 44 Buchanan Road Email Douglas Finger
Michael Ludwick 
Councilor at Large
(860) 869-5933 16 Silver Lane Email Michael Ludwick
Cynthia Mangini 
Councilor at Large
(860) 763-0577 32 Glendale Road Email Cynthia Mangini
Marie Pyznar 
Councilor at Large
(860) 741-3432 25 Roy Street Email Marie Pyznar
Lori Unghire  
Councilor at Large
(860) 763-2942 271 Abbe Road Email Lori Unghire
Ken Nelson Jr.  
District 1
860-214-7826 17 Louise Drive Email Ken Nelson Jr.
John Santanella 
District 2
(860)698-1113 1204 Enfield Street Email John Santanella
Matthew Despard 
District 3
(860) 744-8844 3 Gordon Lane Email Matthew Despard
Nick Hopkins 
District 4
(860) 253-9590 2 Varno Lane EMail Nick Hopkins