Education goals:

  • To provide the highest quality education services to students
  • To provide the tools and environment necessary to provide such services to teachers and administrators
  • To encourage all stakeholders to succeed, be involved, and be informed


Upgrade Facilities

To improve the environments of our schools to a condition that allows for maximum learning and teaching capabilities through facility and safety improvements, efficiency upgrades, and alternative energy implementations.

  • Facility Plan
  • Energy Strategy Plan
  • Investment Grade Audit
  • Performance Contract
  • Referendum 2015

Consolidation of Services

To maximize efficiencies throughout the town and Board of Education administration through the combining of like services and collaboration of like programs.

  • Collaboratively identify areas of consolidation

Produce Detailed Budget

Produce a transparent budget that adheres to the Charter of the Town of Enfield.

Know BOE Goals

Production of a clear set of specific, attainable and time-bound goals and objectives for the duration of either a calendar year, academic year, or term of the Board of Education

Business Community Engagement

Work in conjunction with leaders of the Board of Education and Business Community to develop programs and services that assist students and teachers with career coaching, opportunities, and development and improves the employee pool for local businesses and better understands their needs.