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The Town Manager's Office

The Town Manager is responsible for the administration of all departments and agencies run by the Town of Enfield, and supervises and directs the same.  He/she appoints and works very closely with the 11 Department Directors in Town, serving as a liaison between them and the residents, ensuring that things run smoothly for the residents.  The Town of Enfield Municipality must be a true collaborative business with cooperation, fiscal responsibility, and customer service being top priorities.

The Town Manager's Office along with the Town Clerk's Office manage the Boards, Commissions, and Agencies in Town appointed by both the Town Manager and the Town Council.


The Town Manager is Hired by the Enfield Town Council

The Town Manager is recruited to see that all laws and ordinances governing the Town are faithfully executed, while making periodic reports to the Town Council, and attends its meetings with full right of participation in its discussion but without a right to vote.  The Town Manager's Office is responsible for being the administrative support for the Mayor and Town Council and to provide materials for these meetings as well as any subcommittee meetings they have weekly.

The Annual Town of Enfield Operating and Capital Improvement Budget falls under the responsibility of the Town Manager, since one of the absolute prerequisites to the job is to recommend to the Council such measures as he/she may deem necessary or expedient.  The Town Manager's Office is responsible for keeping the Council fully advised as to the financial condition of the Town.

Since the Town Manager is the employee with the most responsibility of all of the municipal employees, organization and a great team are imperative to his/her and ultimately, the Town's success.  The Town of Enfield has shown sound judgment in past choices of Town Managers, as well as our Interim Town Manager, Lee Erdmann.  We are currently in the process of bringing a new Town Manager on board.

Stay tuned to see who will be the next Enfield Town Manager!

Town Manager Webpage


March 13 - Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 14 - Easter Orthodox Lent Begins

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

March 20 - First Day of Spring

March 25 - Good Friday - TOWN HALL CLOSED

March 27 - Easter


Leisure Services Subcommittee Agenda
March 1, 5:30 PM @ Enfield Room, Town Hall

Inland Wetlands & Watercourse Commission
March 1, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers, Town Hall

Enfield High School Building Committee
March 3, 6:30 PM @ Enfield High School

Planning & Zoning Commission
March 3, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers, Town Hall

Town Council Special Meeting
March 7, 5:30 PM @ Enfield Room, Town Hall

Town Council - Regular Meeting
March 7, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers
, Town Hall

Enfield Conservation Commission
March 8, 7:00 PM @ Enfield Room
, Town Hall

Patriot Award Committee
March 9, 7:00 PM @ Thompsonville Room
, Town Hall

Enfield High School Building Committee
March 10, 6:30 PM @ Enfield High School

Inland Wetlands & Watercourse Commission
March 15, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers
, Town Hall

Enfield High School Building Committee
March 17, 6:30 PM @ Enfield High School

Planning & Zoning Commission
March 17, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers
, Town Hall

Town Council Special Meeting
March 21, 5:30 PM @ Enfield Room
, Town Hall

Town Council Regular Meeting
March 21, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers, Town Hall

Enfield Historic District Commission
March 23, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers
, Town Hall

Enfield High School Building Committee
March 24, 6:30 PM @ Enfield High School

Enfield Revitalization Strategy Committee Meeting/Public Hearing-CDBG Grant Program
March 24, 7:00 PM @ 100 High Street

Zoning Board of Appeal
March 28, 7:00 PM @ Council Chambers
, Town Hall

Enfield High School Building Committee
March 31, 6:30 PM @ Enfield High School

Job Openings


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: This position includes responsible, administrative and technical work, which involves the inspection of residential and commercial construction and plans for conformance to the State Building Code.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general direction of the Town Building Official.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: May act as Building Official when Building Official is absent and when so authorized by proper authority.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Inspects all installations pertaining to plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning, air cooling, ventilation and sprinkler systems; investigates sanitation; oversees water tests on plumbing, heating and sprinkler installations or tests by air or smoke to insure a tight system; assists in fire inspections; inspects oil burning units and tanks for oil storage, piping for gasoline tanks; verifies appropriate licenses for plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning, air cooling, air ventilation and sprinkler contractors; conducts field inspection of soils, footings, foundations and general construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings; checks conformity of plans with the building; reviews plans; grants or refuse permits; drafts and issues legal documents regarding code enforcement; reviews installations at various stages of progress from the initial stage through to completion; assists and advises building, plumbing, heating and electrical contractors and others regarding building, plumbing, heating, electrical and other regulations and requirements; works jointly with other departments and agencies regarding code enforcement; on call 24 hours a day responding to emergencies as required; provide counter service to applicants; regular and punctual attendance.

For more information, click here.

To see all current job opportunities with the Town of Enfield, click here.

Human Resources Webpage

Bids and RFP's

To view all open bids and RFP's, click here.

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Welcome New Library Director Jason Neely

The Enfield Public Library is pleased to announce our new Library Director, Jason D. Neely.   Jason comes to us from the Russell Library in Middletown, Connecticut, where he was Head of Information Services.  Jason earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History, a Master’s in Education from Duquesne University, and a Master’s in Library Science from Florida State University. 
Jason is also an avid photographer.  You can find him at www.jasonneely.com.  He and his wife are the proud parents of two children.  Please join us in welcoming Jason to the Town of Enfield family.  

Library Webpage


Legal Advice is Now Available at Social Services!

The Town of Enfield Neighborhood Services is pleased to announce that beginning on Tuesday, February 16, representatives from Greater Hartford Legal Aid will be on site to provide free legal assistance to low income Enfield residents. The attorneys will be able to offer guidance on a variety of topics such as housing and state benefits.

This assistance will be available each Tuesday from 9 am – 12 pm, at 100 High Street.  Appointments are required.

To schedule an appointment, please call Neighborhood Services at 860-253-6396.
Joel Cox, Assistant Director of Social Services.

Neighborhood Services Webpage


The North Central Opioid Addiction Task Force

A comprehensive response from multiple communities and sectors is needed to stem this alarming increase in opioid addictions and opioid related deaths. Enfield Social Services is working in collaboration with Enfield Police to create the North Central Opioid Addiction Task Force. The goal of this task force is to reduce the number of opioid related deaths by increasing prevention efforts, increasing access to opioid overdose interventions, increasing the availability of treatment resources, and having better support for people in recovery from opioid addiction.

When & Where:
March 8th, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Enfield Town Hall Council Chambers
820 Enfield Street

“What is Addiction and Treatment Options”
Dr. Samuel Silverman, MD, ABAM,
Rushford’s Medical Director of Addiction Services and the Program Director for Rushford’s Addiction Medicine Fellowship.

“Recovery Support”
Phillip Valentine
Executive Director for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR).

Over the past few years, our communities have seen an alarming increase in opioid addictions and opioid related deaths. Just last year, Enfield had 13 overdose deaths related to opioids and our EMS services administered Narcan more than 50 times. Enfield is not alone in this struggle. Our state as a whole has seen a 20% increase from 2014 to 2015 in opioid related overdose deaths.   

With a regional approach and representation from every sector, we can combat this opioid epidemic that is plaguing our communities. We are asking the towns of Suffield, Windsor, Windsor Locks, East Windsor, Somers, and Ellington to participate in this taskforce. We are also inviting every sector from these communities such as schools, police, local government, courts, social services, health care, treatment, faith, people in recovery, local prevention councils, etc. to participate.

RSVP: Please contact Colleen Sullivan at 860-253-6382 or csullivan@enfield.org

Youth Services Webpage

Waste Oil & Automotive Battery Recycling

Saturday, March 19

Waste Oil and Automotive Battery Recycling free to Enfield Residents. Please ensure your oil is free of contaminants and avoid using bleach or other pool chemical bottles for storing and transporting your waste oil.
9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Stanley Jablonski Public Works Complex
40 Moody Road
Enfield, CT 06082
Cost:  Free to Enfield Residents.

Refuse and Resource Management Webpage


Updates from the Assessor/Revenue Collection Office

The Assessor’s Office is working with Vision Government Solutions on the October 1, 2016 Town wide revaluation.  This is a long process and much more data will be following in the next few months. 

This is an interim revaluation, which means that the revaluation company, Vision Government Solutions will not be going to each house in Town.  They will be reviewing those properties that have sold from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2016.  A review of all properties that have an open building permit will be inspected by staff or by Vision Government Solutions.  They are also reviewing commercial/industrial properties and will be conducting a full inspection on many of these properties.  Anyone who receives a letter of intent to view your property is encouraged to schedule an appointment.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 860-253-6339.

The collector’s staff is beginning the process for the next tax sale, currently scheduled for May 24, 2016. We have begun with about 85 accounts. The criteria to be placed on the tax sale is owing more than three years of back tax due.

We have processed all the payments for this past January 2016 billing cycle.  The payment information is available on the Assessor/Revenue Collection webpage. And from the homepage, go to “How Do I….” then under “View” select  “ Tax Information” and follow to either motor vehicle, real estate or business personal property.  All delinquent bills will be mailed again in late March with interest calculated through April 2016.  If any amounts are outstanding on the real estate account, a lien will be placed on the property in early May.

The filing period has begun for the real estate tax abatement program.  This is a State program that enables those that are 65 years of age or older, or those that are on social security or totally disabled to apply between February 1st and May 15th  for a reduction in tax.  The requirements beyond the age are: 

1.) You must own the property on the assessment date of October 1, 2015.  
2.) You must reside in the property that you are applying for the program for. 
3.) You must be under the income limits set by the State of Connecticut; 

a.) If married during 2015, income under $42,900.   
b.) If single, income under $35,200. These income limits also include  your social security benefits.  

Please contact Neighborhood Services for an appointment to apply for this tax reduction at 860-253-6396, you must also submit your income tax form IRS 1040 and/ or all income statements at the time of your appointment so that copies may be obtained.

The filing period for an additional veteran exemption also began on February 1st.  The income guidelines stated above are the same for this program; however, any veteran of any age is eligible. Please contact the Assessors or Neighborhood Service Office to arrange for an appointment to file for this program at 860-253-6396 or 860-253-6339.

This program will double the amount of exemption you are currently receiving as a discharged veteran.  Any veteran that is “honorably” or “medically” discharged and served for 90 or more days during a specific conflict period should file with the Town Clerk and the Assessor’s Office, their DD214 to receive an exemption if you have not done so. 

Exemption and abatement applications and further information are located on the Assessor’s webpage under “Exemptions”.

Assessment and Revenue Collection Webpage


Town of Enfield Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) 

Enfield, CT - The Town of Enfield launched its free tax preparation program to assist low to moderate income families on Monday, January 25th at its new site at the Family Resource Center at 110 High Street.   Free tax preparation will be available through April 15th 2016. 
The Enfield VITA site will be open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Volunteers are trained and certified by the IRS and assist working families who have adjusted gross income under $54,000 to file their income taxes.  
Call 860-253-6395 to schedule an appointment at the Enfield VITA tax preparation site. 

Social Services Webpage

ep paper

The Historic Enfield Press is Now Available Online

The Enfield Public Library is excited to offer online access to the historic Enfield Press.  The Enfield Press was known as the Thompsonville Press from 1800-1969.  It covered news from Enfield and surrounding towns including Somers, Suffield, Longmeadow (MA), Windsor, and Windsor Locks.

The Library Board graciously sponsored the digital conversion of 1880-1922, and 1923-1959.  The State Library is hosting the Enfield Press in their Newspapers of Connecticut collection.  Our ultimate goal is to make all archived editions of the Enfield Press available in a searchable online platform. 

The newspaper from 1880-1922 is now viewable through the Newspapers of Connecticut collection, and 1923-1959 will be available shortly.  To access this valuable resource, please visit www.enfieldpubliclibrary.org and select Resources on the left menu.  Scroll down to Newspaper Indexes and click on Library or Home Use under the Enfield Press listing.  If you have questions about this resource, please call the Enfield Library Reference Desk at (860)763-7511.

Library Webpage


Greetings from the Enfield Recreation Department

Spring is almost here and Recreation is busy planning a season of exciting programs and special events.  Look for your favorites or maybe try something new.

Over the past year Recreation has been working with Buildings and Grounds on a few park  renovation projects.  I would like to highlight a few:

  • Brainerd Park – has a new outdoor basketball court and a new outdoor sand volleyball court.

  • Enfield Street School – has a brand new playscape and swing set.

  • Central Library – has a new walking trail around the perimeter of the property courtesy of the Enfield Rotary Club.

  • Freshwater Pond – has a new walking trail that encompasses the whole pond.  Planter  boxes and benches have been added along the way for those who want to stop and enjoy the pond.

  • Hazardville Memorial School – a new swing set has been installed.

  • Eli Whitney School – a new playscape and swing set have been ordered and will be installed this spring.

  • Green Manor Park – the Request for Proposals for a new skate park has gone out and the bid will be awarded in late February.  The new skate park should be ready for summer.

There are many more parks in town with plenty to offer Recreation enthusiasts of all ages.  Check out the new Parks page on the Town’s website: www.enfield-ct.gov.  Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy all the outdoor facilities and activities the Town has to offer.  For more information, look for us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Spring!

Mary M. Keller, Recreation Supervisor

Recreation Webpage


Info Tech in Enfield CT

IT and the Town are working together to move our Sharepoint site to the cloud!!  Our new Sharepoint site will be available from anywhere, anytime!!  What a great way to enhance our collaboration efforts! 
Don’t forget our Magic Carpet Bus features free Wi-Fi while travelling!!  Take a ride with us and check the latest football scores!! 
IT and the Enfield Public Schools offer a Home Access Center where parents can keep in constant contact with the progress they’re children are making in class.  Homework, day to day updates, etc are posted by each teacher and communications are established. Contact your school today for more information!! 
To keep up with all the exciting happenings in IT, we have opened these avenues for you: 
Twitter:  follow @enfielditnews
IT NewsFlash Pages: http://www.enfield-ct.gov/885/Technology-News

Information Technology Webpage

The Enfield Police Training to Better Assist Citizens with Mental Health Issues

From NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness):  

"Each year, 2 million jail bookings involve a person with mental illness.   Approximately 15% of men and 30% of women in local jails have a serious mental illness. 1 in 4 people killed in officer-involved shootings has a serious mental illness.  These numbers just begin to show some of the relationships—and consequences—of a sad truth: With our failing mental health system so inadequate, law enforcement agencies have increasingly become de facto first responders to people experiencing mental health crisis."

This past month all sworn officers went through an eight hour training block on “Mental Health Awareness”.  This training was extremely well received, and based on the post course critiques, it will be beneficial for the officer assisting those individuals with a mental illness, and improves the safety of patrol officers, consumers, family members, and citizens within the community.

Hopefully, this will lay the foundation necessary to promote community and statewide solutions to assist individuals with a mental illness while reducing both stigma and the need for further involvement with the criminal justice system.  

Police Department Webpage


Adult Education is Offering a New Cooking Class!

Don’t Miss Out!  Still time to sign up for Cooking Classes:

Basic Culinary & Pastry Skills 
– Joshua Ogrodowski
Enfield High School – Thursdays - March 10, 17, 24
6:00 – 9:00 p.m
Room C131
– $105

This class helps you hone skills in the kitchen from understanding knives, to equipment, to cooking methods, to even time management! 

Dinner will be served every night and don’t forget containers to take some home.  Registrations can be mailed to Enfield Adult Education, 1010 Enfield Street, Enfield, CT  06082 with a check or money order made payable to the Town of Enfield.  Please call (860)763-7032 with any questions.

Enfield Adult Education Website


Learning Through Play Group 

Family Resource Center (FRC)
Stowe School
117 Post Office Road
Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
Come join the fun!  The whole room will be open to explore and play!  We will have a special art activity, sensory experiences, and we will also serve a small snack!  Children are welcome to come in their jammies to play!
This is an interactive and educational playgroup for moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and their children, birth to 5 years of age.

This unique playgroup gives families the chance to
have fun and get to know other people in the community who have children of similar ages.  There is no charge to attend.
You must register to attend.
Please call our office at (860) 253-6580 or email
Erin Grimes, Parent Educator, at EGrimes@enfield.org.

 *Support for the Family Resource Center at Stowe was provided in part by the LEGO Community Fund U.S.*

Raising Readers Book Club
Focusing on Books for Toddlers

FRC at Harriet Beecher Stowe
117 Post Office Rd

7 Monday Mornings: March 21st, 28th, April 4th, 11th, 25th May 2nd, 9th

9:15-10:15 am

  • Each week you will receive a FREE children’s book!

  • You will become more skillful and confident reading to your child.

  • Each week a different topic will be discussed to help you understand how books can be used in a variety of ways at home.

  • Participants can share ideas and encourage each other to be Reading Role Models for their children.

  • At the end of the club, parents have an opportunity to earn a hard cover bonus book to add to their growing home library!

Refreshments and Childcare will be available
  • Please, register by calling (860) 253-4769 or email Shelby Kosa at skosa@enfield.org. Space is limited!

Music and Movement with
Renee Coro

The Enfield Family Resource Centers 
Invites you to join us for a Music & Movement Class!

Renee Coro, a certified music therapist will lead us in music, movement and instrument play.
We will also provide a small snack

Date: Friday, March 18th, 2016
Session 1: 10:00-10:45 a.m.
Session 2: 11:00-11:45 a.m.
Where: The Stowe Family Resource Center
117 Post Office Road, Enfield, CT. 06082

Registration is required. Please register by calling 860-253-6580 or email egrimes@enfield.org.

*The Family Resource Center at Stowe is funded in part by a grant through the LEGO Community Fund U.S.*


Coming Up at the
Enfield Senior Center

The Enfield Senior Center has added a new service. Reiki is available every Thursday evening by appointment. The cost is $25 for a 25 minute session payable at your appointment.

The Enfield Intergenerational Alliance is an exciting new pilot program that partners high school students and older adults to connect generations. We will hold the first meeting on Tuesday, March 8, at 3 p.m. at the Enfield Senior Center. If you would like to be a part of the group, please register by calling the Senior Center office.
Community Health Center, Inc. will provide dental hygiene at the Senior Center for $30 or services at 100% covered by HUSKY/Medicaid. Make an appointment for Monday, February, 29 through Friday, March 4 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by calling the Senior Center office.
Enfield EMS will be providing free CPR Training on Wednesday, March 9 at 1 p.m. You must register in the Senior Center office so we can provide enough instructors and materials.
Enfield area based band, Usual Suspects, takes the stage for a great evening of dancing on Friday, March 11 at 6 p.m. The Usual Suspects play a variety of rock and roll dance favorites. Tickets are on sale for $7 per person. Dessert and coffee will be served at the break. We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a corned beef and cabbage dinner and Irish entertainment on Friday, March 18. Tickets are on sale for $15 per person.
Don’t forget that in the nice warm weather the Senior Center Walking Trail is available.

Enfield Senior Center Webpage 

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