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Adopt-A-Spot Application

  1. The Program:
    Adopt-A-Spot is a program designed to encourage community ownership of public areas and to prevent littering in public places through beautification and maintenance. The Beautification Committee feels that a cleaner and more beautiful Enfield is a great asset in attracting people and businesses to our area while instilling a greater pride in our community.

    The Spirit:
    All the participants in the Adopt-A-Spot program are volunteers. Our "Adoptive Parents" are those organizations that want to take an active role in making Enfield cleaner and more beautiful. It can be your family, scout troop, business or club.

    All of us know a place - along a fence, down a street, on a playground, at an intersection. These spots need to be adopted by caring people who will clean and maintain them.

    Since you will be checking it periodically, select a location convenient to your home or place of employment. Some locations can be cleaned and maintained by a single person; others may require group action. Decide if you will work individually or will organize family, friends or business associates to help you.

    Picking up litter and brush are the only rules, but mowing and other maintenance are encouraged. Planting flowers, trees, shrubs, etc., is possible, but please contact the Enfield Beautification Committee (EBC) since there may be official restrictions on landscaping particular areas in the Town.

    As a non-profit organization, the Committee cannot provide tools for cleanup efforts. However, if each person brings one tool, one trash bag and plenty of enthusiasm, the job will be done soon.

    Just say, "Yes, I want to be a part of the Enfield Beautification movement" by filing out the Adopt-A-Spot Application Form. EBC would be delighted to welcome you into the Adopt-A-Spot Family. Your willingness to volunteer your efforts to beautify our Town would clearly indicate your concern for the appearance of your neighborhoods as well as your community spirit and pride.
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